Is Instacart Worth It?

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I have always wanted to try out new things. So, I sign up as a shopper for Instacart. This was just to get some experience, instead of kicking back and doing nothing. It’s always good to try out new things because that way you know what works and what doesn’t. Here I explain everything you need to know about Instacart if you are thinking about becoming part of this company. During this pandemic where jobless hit 1.3 million, it is a genius idea to have a side hustle.

Their hiring process

I think their hiring process was pretty fast. It just took 4 to 5 days to process my application and get hired. Although, it might take longer for some people. I don’t know what their preferences are, but I’m guessing they quickly hire areas where more demands are needed.

The difference between In-store shopper and Full-service shopper

In-store shoppers have the privilege of just shopping within a specific place. It’s basically like a real shop, where you need to clock in and clock out. The in-store shoppers do not need to deliver. All they do is shop for the customers and make it ready for delivery. You don’t need to have a car. The pay varies; however, usually, they pay between $13 to 21. However, the full-service shopper is different. This person does the most. He shops, loads, unloads and delivers the groceries to the customers. The full-service shopper is an independent contractor. He works anytime and stops anytime he wants. This is Not an hourly pay job. Rather, your earnings depend on how many orders or as they called “batches” you complete.

As I was saying, their hiring process was fast. They hired me and started shopping for customers. It wasn’t that bad. However, you need to consider many things before you can sign up for this job.

Well, like many people, I thought I would finish the orders pretty quickly. However, I found out the time went faster. One hour became 30 minutes and two hours became an hour.

This happens because or two reasons. One, I was new and didn’t know where items were, although the app tells you to go the aisle. The app just says aisle #1 or 2 or whichever aisle number the item is.

You might say what is the problem if it tells me the aisle number?. Well, it’s much difficult than it appears. You see, it tells you the aisle number but does not specifically tell you which shelf the item is on. You need to figure out.

The other reason was sometimes you might not find the item that the customer wants. Which is difficult for the shopper. If you don’t find the item, you might ask them for any suggestions. Some customers want to replace the item. But you can not even find another brand. This is where it becomes hard for the shopper. Remember this, if you just click “refund” too quickly, it might reduce your tips from the customer. And you don’t want this to happen.

Is Instacart worth it?

Yes and no. You might ask why. But let me explain why I said that. You see, it’s worth it if you are getting high paying orders or batches. You always want to accept high paying ones. However, it’s sometimes difficult to get those. Most of the time, you are more likely to get orders “batches” with low paying, like $6–15. m

It’s not worth it if you do some math. Think about the gas you will be using. Let’s say you started with a full tank gas. And you are not getting any high paying batches, but you were accepting those with $6–15. And also they were far, which means you used more gas. You might realize something that I found out.

One day, I started working at 8 am–3 approximately 7 hr and made $63. This happened because I only accepted three orders or batches. Those batches were far and sometimes I had to wait for the customers to come down and get their groceries. Something unexpected happened. Oops!. I switched orders and delivered them to the wrong person by accidentally. Which meant I need to get the groceries from the wrong person and deliver it to the right person. Let me explain. You see, I was doing two orders at the same time. This is the problem with Instacart. Know that you might do two orders which are called just “one batch”. I got confused and missed up.

I wouldn’t say I worked for 7 consecutive hours. But when you are out of home for 7 hours, you supposed to make a couple of bucks.

Note: if you just accept those orders with low pay, the Instacart algorithm thinks you like those and never sends you ones with high paying.

Would I recommend you to join and become an Instacart shopper? Because you might be better than me and could end up doing more batches than me. Moreover, if you a quick shopper, you might make more money.

If you want to win, you need to be fast and accurate.




-Author of many areas in life. Religion, Family, Motivation, education and business of 21st century.

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Khadar Osman

Khadar Osman

-Author of many areas in life. Religion, Family, Motivation, education and business of 21st century.

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